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Infinity Series Salt Systems

The Infinity Series salt water chlorine generator is designed and tested to perform in the toughest climates and offers superior levels of control, style and convenience. This system automatically produces chlorine to sanitize and disinfect the water and self regulates the chlorine output when the salinity level is out of the normal operating range. The in-ground pool system comes complete with the control unit, plumbing unions, with a commercial grade cell. This salt system is manufactured by Salt Pro and carries a limited 3 year warranty

Infinity Series I-15 Chlorine Generator

20,000 Gallons

Orig.: $938.00
Sale: $669.00

Infinity Series I-25 Chlorine Generator

30,000 Gallons

Orig.: $1,045.00
Sale: $699.00

Infinity Series I-40 Chlorine Generator

40,000 Gallons

Orig.: $1,195.00
Sale: $799.00

Infinity Series I-60 Chlorine Generator

60,000 Gallons

Orig.: $1,395.00
Sale: $875.00